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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  February 8, 2013 11:00am-11:30am PST

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fairfield's alan witt park. it was just a week ago that genelle's body was found at the park. a half hour from now fairfield police will announce details of an arrest in this case. we have a crew on the scene and will be providing updates on and a full report at 5:00 and 6:00. we can also tell you weather out on the east coast and in the midwest impacting the entire country this morning. this is video from wisconsin where snow there is just expected to pile up throughout the day. on the east coast the national weather service predicting more than -- actually most of the southern new england parts there could see anywhere from 18 to 20 inches of snow. >> the impact of those storms is already being felt here in the bay area. dozens of flights have already been canceled out of sfo. it is only expected to get worse. nbc bay area's christie smith is at sfo this morning where hundreds of travelers are
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stranded. not a great way to start the weekend. >> reporter: yeah, good morning to you, marla. the message today, if you are heading to the northeast, you better be ready to wait it out. 60 cancellations in and out of sfo. as you said, it's expected to get worse as the day goes on. they've already got lines inside to try to help people deal with it. >> not feeling too good. i want to get home. >> reporter: george dean is frustrated and stuck shoulder to shoulder with other united passengers in an effort to rebook canceled flights to the east coast. >> i haven't talked to anyone except them down there. they told me to come down here. so -- and this line is long. well, not just long, it's a long wait. >> reporter: dozens of flights in and out of san francisco scrapped along with thousands more and other airports as winter storm nemo bears down on the northeast. >> we started watching this yesterday and we noticed a lot of airline were proactively canceling their flights already yesterday. we're talking boston, new york,
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newark and philadelphia. >> reporter: mary vieira didn't get a message about her canceled flight to boston. >> nothing. no news. >> reporter: how long have you been waiting? >> we've been here since 3:00 in the morning. yeah. it's crazy. >> reporter: most travelers seem to handle it as they could. angela katalano is missing a dream vacation to italy and it's seven hours till the next flight, maybe. how do you kill the time? >> i think i'm going to go shopping. >> reporter: in the airport? >> in the airport. i don't have much of a choice. >> reporter: a spokesperson for the airport says that these cancellations, we spoke to some travelers who said they did get another flight but the earliest they could get was sunday afternoon. reporting live at sfo, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> it looks like she has some happy travelers behind her.
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>> exactly. happy to be on tv. let's bring in christina loren to a look at that storm's impact as well as your local forecast here. >> good morning to you guys. just want to show you what's going to happen as we progress through the next 24 hours. it's going to get very interesting along the eastern seaboard in particular. what's happening is we've got this potent system riding up the east coast. that will combine with a powerful and cold nor'easter. the two converging on a very populated area. boston looks like you'll get hit the hardest. all the way south through new york, we'll pick up a foot to two feet of snow. it will pick up quickly. we're concerned about zero visibility. whiteout conditions. stop that clock as we get into the evening. that's when the blizzard conditions set in. look at this where you're getting the lightest pinks, that's where we have the lightest snowfall. very slick conditions. they've got the snow plows ready. the whole thing blows out of here by sunday. so that should ease the travel
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conditions that we're dealing with out there right now. locally the sun's back out. we picked up a pretty good amount of rainfall. we have beautiful clear skies ahead. great air quality. still cold. near record cold sets in for tomorrow morning. a lot to talk about when we get to your full forecast. back to you right now. >> thank you so much. now we continue to follow new developments in that massive manhunt in southern california. the suspect is a former los angeles police officer on the run after police say he killed three people including a police officer in riverside county. they're looking for christopher jordan dorner, accused of going on a shooting rampage that started sunday night with the death of a college basketball coach and her fiancee. three days later three police officers were shot, one fatally. police say dorner knows who he is looking for. nbc bay area's bob redell is live in the newsroom. police just wrapped up a news conference. what is the very latest? >> reporter: the sheriff of san
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bernardino county vows to keep searching for this accused cop killer until they find him or they're certain he's left the area. hundreds of law enforcement officers are searching big bear lake, 80 miles east of los angeles. there's so much fear about christopher dorner that schools there are shut down and residents are also being told to lock their windows and be careful when opening the front door. big bear lake is when law enforcement found dorner's burned-out pickup truck yesterday. they followed what they believe are his footsteps leading into the woods, but lost track once they moved over frozen ground. they went door to door last night until midnight then continued with vehicle patrols afterwards. >> search primarily up in the mountain area to make sure -- there's a lot of cabins up there that are abandoned. we want to make sure he didn't find a place to hide out for the night. once we exhaust that, then we'll continue to re-evaluate what we do next. >> reporter: as you can see in
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that news conference, it's very snowy in big bear lake, which prevented the sheriffs from using a helicopter with infrared detection. they figure it hampers dorner's ability to move. there have been a doum of dorner sightings, but none have panned out. they took his pickup truck for evidence last night. there was a vigil for one of the officers he's shot. one has died. the other is expected to live. dorner's accused of killing a young couple over the weekend. dorner has posted online what is being characterized as a manifesto in which he lists grudges against specific people. investigators believe he is trying to avenge his dismissal from lapd which took place back in 2009. jon, marla? >> bob, a lot to put out there. thanks so much. dorner does have his supporters. this facebook page surfaced late yesterday called i support christopher jordan dorner. this morning it's received more
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than 1300 likes just earlier this morning about four hours ago there were 900 likes. people posting things like, i hope they write about you in the history books. and you will not die in vain. we'll bring you the latest developments on air and online, the key word is "manhunt." new at 11:00, the coast guard investigating a boat that sank in the san francisco bay this morning. that boat you can see there just sinking away. it had been tied up at pier 70, but somehow it broke free with nobody on board, then started to sink. no word yet exactly how that boat may have gone adrift or who it belongs to. also new this morning a woman's death is under investigation at a san jose high rise. the body of the 24-year-old was found near the city heights condo complex, that's located on st. james and san pedro. at this hour, still unclear how that woman died. but police think she may have fallen from one of the higher
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floors of that complex. they say it appear to be simply a tragic accident. one neighbor says he woke up and heard the commotion. >> i checked my phone. i heard screaming and yelling, and so i piqeeked out the windo and i didn't see anything. i'm looking at this parking lot here. usually on thursday night it's party night. i usually hear some stragglers, drunk stragglers yelling, getting in their characters whatever. i thought it was one of those nights. >> he said his father called him when he saw the story on the news and told him what happened. it's still unclear whether or not that woman lived in that building. the coroner now in charge of this investigation. a school in fairfield has been ransacked by robbers. two armed men tied up a janitor and stole 40 ipads from sem yeto continuation high school monday night. they told the custodian to take them specifically to where the
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ipads were stored. the robbers both described as black men in their 20s, duct taped the man to a desk before leaving the scene. the robbery was the third in four months in which thieves targeted the school's ipads. still ahead, a white house tribute for a chicago honors student killed during a random shooting. we'll have that story coming up next. penny wise, time foolish. >> staggering numbers when it comes to police overtime in san jose. see what mayor chuck reed is saying about changes to the police force. economists have to do a little extra math, and they figured out what powered down the super bowl. we'll take a look at both. right now a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. you can see some blue skies out there. we've been having rain around the bay area, but some clouds still dancing out there. christina loren will be back to fill us in on what's happening in your area.
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first lady michelle obama heading to chicago tomorrow to attend the funeral of a young girl killed just days after performing at the president's inauguration. hadiya pendleton was shot back in january when a gunman opened fire on a group of young people. the honors student and drum majorette had just returned from washington, d.c., where she performed for the nation during inauguration festivities for president obama. no arrests so far have been made in this shooting. after 40 years in washington today is retirement day for leon panetta. the santa clara university alum began his political career as a california congressman. just yesterday he testified on the department of defense's response to the attack on u.s. facilities in benghazi. panetta was the director of the cia at the time osama bin laden was killed. no word on what he plans to do
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or if he will move back to his home on the central coast. an armed forces farewell ceremony will be held later today. san jose international airport could soon become home to a brand new private airport for google executives. the $82 million project would include an executive terminal, hangars and ramp space to accommodate google's largest business jets. the proposed airport would bring in nearly $3 million a year in rent and would create hundreds of permanent jobs and up to 200 construction jobs. the san jose city council is expected to vote on this proposal coming up in april. texas governor rick perry stepping up his campaign to try to steal business away from california. perry planning to visit silicon valley, san francisco and los angeles during a four-day trip that starts this sunday. he's planning to tell people that texas is a better place for business because there's no income tax and more lenient labor and environmental laws.
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california governor jerry brown kind of scoffed at this one, actually made jokes about it earlier this week. texas launched a radio ad campaign aimed at bringing in new business. economic data has economists a bit confused this morning. scott mcgrew says someone forgot to carry the one. >> yes, good morning. new numbers in to the newsroom this morning. america's trade deficit with china felt by quite a bit suggesting strong american manufacturing and exports. now it's good news, but it doesn't gibe with the latest gdp numbers we have showing that the american economy has contracted. so economists are going to have to go back and figure this one out. those discouraging gdp numbers could very well be wrong. a decent day on the markets. it's been a peculiar week this week, a lot of up and a lot of down. linkdn doing well after blowout yesterday. and the power company that
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provided electricity to the louisiana superdome said it figured out what caused the power outage during the super bowl. it wasn't hackers, beyonce, it was just a bad relay. sometimes the explanation turns out to be a bit routine. a thing-ga-ma-doo quit working. >> fun to think that beyonce blew out all the lightsp. >> scott mcgrew talking about a thing-ga-ma-doo. >> technical term. a live look. beautiful clear skies more or less here over san francisco. this is the clearest it's been all day. so mostly sunny here. let's show you san jose now. oh, yeah, we're still dealing with overcast conditions, but about an hour away from a beautiful partly cloudy sky. we'll finish off the day even here in the south bay with mostly sunny conditions. want to show you where our storm is headed. a big travel day. the storm is traveling with you. take it easy out there. you can see it's still very
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cold, still bringing snow to the grapevine. 52 today in livermore. the cold blast behind that front is going to keep conditions on the cold side all weekend long but will warm up each and every day until next week, wednesday, in fact. 55 in santa teresa today and 55 in oak town. this will keep our skies nice and sunny and reinforce a little bit of onshore flow. it means patchy and coastal fog each and every morning. then a comfortable westerly sea breeze carrying in that ocean air. so 40s and 50s at the coast. we're talking about the mid to upper 50s inland all weekend long. it's going to be cold. each morning is going to be downright frigid. we're talking about near-record lows. so this is basically as cold as it gets here. santa rosa, 29 degrees. make sure you bundle up, break out the snuggie, whatever it takes, the electric blankie to
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stay warm. tomorrow afternoon conditions will be downright perfect for the 20th annual giants fan fest. yep, starts at 10:00 a.m. but get out there early to make sure you can get into the park. there's going to be a big line, but it's worth it. 30 players expected to be out there tomorrow. sunday, 58 degrees. temperatures will be a little bit warmer. we'll warm you up monday to tuesday. tall way through next week the mid-60s return. valentine's day looking downright lovely for the lovers out there. but i had mike tell me, only jon kelley can do that voice. >> oh, yeah, i'll leave that to mike, actually. he's got it down pretty good. christina loren, the caring, giving meteorologist. the nbc bay area investigative unit obtaining financial data showing that while overall payroll in san jose decreased from 2011 to 2012 overtime increased by 35%. and that totals $4 million in difference there. in his state of the city address
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taking place last night mayor chuck reed says overtime may actually increase next year. >> we'll probably increase it next year because we need to make sure that our public is protect protecteded. overtime is one of the ways to do that but only on a short-time basis. we know that you can't do that all the time. >> he spent a good part of the address talking about the police department. he wants to use the savings from the pension reform to expand the force by 200 officers. reed also pushing for a sales tax increase and he hopes voters will approve it next year. giants fans, are you ready? fan fest kicks off at at&t park tomorrow morning, as christina said, at 10:00. the highlight of the day, fans getting to meet more than 30 players and coaches including manager bruce bochy and buster posey and world series mvp pablo sandoval. a lot of hardware being
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displaced including the trophy. they're bound for arizona for spring training. for marla tellez that means move over, colin kaepernick, bring on -- >> angel pagan. >> we've got you. hackers hit former u.s. president and the entire bush family responding to a cyber thief that exposed the family's personal information. and a deadly swine flu outbreak overseas. details next. [ female announcer ] the best thing about this bar
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it's not a candy bar.
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130 calories 7 grams of protein the new fiber one caramel nut protein bar. delicious. but say i press a few out flat... add some beef sloppy joe sauce... and cheese fold it all up and boom! i just made an unbeatable unsloppy joe pillsbury grands biscuits. let the making begin. the h1n1 virus has claimed more than two dozen lives in northern india. hospital officials confirm these deaths today. preventive measures have been taken to stop the spread of the virus commonly known as swine
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flu. a strain of h1n1 infected many people around the world in 2009 but humans don't normalliy catch the virus. symptoms are similar to those of the regular flu and include coughing, fever, sore throat, body aches, chills and fatigue. hackers targeting former president george w. bush and his family according to published reports cyber criminals gained access to private photos and e-mail sent between members of the bush family including both former presidents. a family spokesman would only say a criminal investigation is currently under way on internet blogs the hacker describes himself as a veteran hacker who has long been in the government's sights. u.s. postal service says it's lost $1.3 billion just this last quarter. believe it or not, that figure is actually better than a year ago when losses soared to $3.3 billion during this very same time period. november's election and all the
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mail that goes along with it and stronger holiday package services both given as reason for the $2 billion difference. today's announcement follows this week's plan to cut back saturday mail delivery saturdaying up in august. we'll be right back.
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we have an update for you on breaking news out of fairfield where police have announced an arrest in the death of genelle conway allen. her body was found naked in the park last friday. and we expect police to hold a news conference with all the information in this case. you can watch that news conference live on our website. log in to if you're making plans for the weekend and forecast so important, going to be very good for outdoor plans. christina, good morning. >> yeah, we're actually looking good. for the next three day, it will be on the school side, but we're done with the showers this afternoon. taking a live look at san jose.
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clouds are clearing. sun's trying to break through. saturday into saturday, temps start to warm. we'll be in the 60s as we meet back here next week. same to you at home. that's a wrap for us for the week. we made it to friday. have a great weekend.
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we're at a party, lemon, try to loosen up a little. how could i loosen up? i'm in connecticut, i haven't eaten, and i'm stressed about an "away toilet" situation. do you know how lucky we are? we are in gavin volure's home. he was the c.e.o. of sunstream. yeah, i don't know what that is. is this potpourri or chips? 'cause i'm gonna try to eat it. volure is a god. he was the first man to be on the cover of fortune and jet magazine at the same time.
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of course, that was back when jet was actually about jet ownership. that magazine took a weird turn. these are not chips. then he fell off the face of the earth, sold sunstream, and shut himself off from the world. they say he hasn't left his home in almost three years. well, i hope he shows up for dinner. he's already here. [applause] thank you all for coming tonight. because of my severe agoraphobia and my debilitating wealth... [laughter] i am forced to bring the world to me, and host dinners for interesting people from all walks of life. the world of fashion, society, art collecting and yelling... why isn't there any good art in here? come on! business and historical fiction. really? what if the germans had won the war, lemon? and the arts. i'm glad jack was able to bring you, liz. i asked him about you after i saw your photo in the style section of the new york times. [upbeat music] funny story, i was only wearing that because the fire alarm went off while i was getting a haircut.


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